Benedict Cumberbatch Golden Globes 2014: ‘Sherlock’ Star Dances With Michael Fassbender

When we realized that Benedict Cumberbatch didn’t attend the 2014 Golden Globes, we were a bit worried: Was our beloved “Sherlock” star sick? Did he have other commitments?

After all, the Brit appeared in two nominated films (“August: Osage County” and “12 Years A Slave”) that practically guaranteed his attendance. So, thank God for after-parties.

The 37-year-old skipped the award show and went straight to the Fox And FX’s 2014 Golden Globe Awards Party on Sunday, looking fantastic as usual in a classic black-and-white suit.

After having a drink (or two), TV’s most stylish detective got on the dance floor with “12 Years A Slave” co-star Michael Fassbender, and they proceeded to engage in one of the coolest dance-offs of the year so far.

Although he didn’t go the Golden Globes, the “Fifth Estate” actor attended the 2014 BAFTA LA Awards Season Tea Party on Saturday where he wore a dove grey jacket, white shirt (sans tie) and black trousers.

We’re going to be itching for more candid pics of the Batch!

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